DMX Stand Alone multi-zone 1024 Standalone DMX. channels
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ดีเอ็มเอ็กซ์ 1024 Stand Alone 

1024 DMX channels / USB and Ethernet control  / Stand Alone


The EASY STAND ALONE - SLESA-UE7 is the most powerful of the SLESA range. Based on the STICK technology, it offers the following functions:

- USB and Ethernet control
- 1024 standalone DMX channels
- multi-zone (several scenes at a time)
- Smartphone/Tablet control (iPhone/iPad/Android)
- Multi-interface stand-alone synchronization
- unlimited memory capacity (microSD card)
- infrared triggering
- port triggering
- time triggering with daylight saving and sunset/sunrise functions
- replaceable and rechargeable battery


Need more than 2 stand-alone DMX universes
The SLESA-UE7 is the latest groundbreaking product from the SLESA range - A fully stand-alone lighting solution for controlling large amounts of DMX channls. Connect several SLESA-UE7 DMX controllers to a switch or router, then program a multi-universe show using the ESA Pro PC software with timelines and effects. One interface acts as a master, and the others follow with perfect precision making this the ideal control solution for LED matrixes and long distance installs.


Network control
Connect the SLESA-UE7 to a WiFi router for wireless control:
-Program and control live using the ESA Pro software (PC) or ESA2 software (PC/Mac)
-Program and control live using the Arcolis app (iPhone/iPad/Android)
-Create a customized screen design and control with the Easy Remote app (iPhone/iPad/Android)


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