PMMA Plastic Optical Fiber
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PMMA Plastic Optical Fiber 

Dia. 2mm.

Spool length (M) 350M.

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Dia  : 2 mm.

Product Description

1. Illumination and decoration of a hotel, KTV, bar, a public building and apartment, etc.
2. Also for large screen optic fiber display.
3. Besides, signal transmission purpose is also frequently found.
Please refer to the technical solution in our website.

1, Without jacketing
2, Side-point emitting optical fibers are available
3, The corresponding products with jackets are available, similar to C grade with a single jacketing
4, For some special high requirement circumstances, the attenuation can be less than 200dB/Km

Easy Control & Easy to Use

1. Light engine: DMX & non-DMX
Metal halogen (70/150/250 w),
LED (different color changing )
2. Fiber(PMMA & Polymer, )
Single string end fiber, single string side fiber, multi-string end fiber, multi-string side fiber, sparkle side spot fiber
3. End light
Used for ceiling, underground, underwater, chandelier, cabinet, showcase and so on 

1, Very low attenuation
2, Excellent toughness
3, Excellent fiber diameter uniform distribution
4, Nice surface
5, Excellent heat resistance
6, Excellent anti-UV performance

Export Markets:
North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

Model                  Fiber diameter (mm)             Spool length (M)   
CC2-750    0.75 2700
CC2-1000 1.0 1500
CC2-1500 1.5 700
CC2-2000 2.0 350
CC2-2500 2.5 250
CC2-3000 3.0 150

1.ซื้อ  1      ชิ้น.              6,800    บาท
2.ซื้อ  10    ชิ้น.              6,200    บาท
3.ซื้อ  50    ชิ้น.              5,000    บาท

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Star Ceiling light VDO.