RGB. Rainbow Touch  รุ่น : FU-TU-RGB-18A

RGB. Rainbow Touch รุ่น : FU-TU-RGB-18A

RGB. Rainbow Touch รุ่น : FU-TU-RGB-18A
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RGB. Rainbow Touch  รุ่น : FU-TU-RGB-18A

Product Description

RGB LED controller:
Iten no: FU-TU-RGB-18A series
Name: RGB LED Controller/Rainbow Touch


1, Rainbow RGB Controller indication for level adjusting, upto 640000 color.
2, Default 15 lighting effects.
3, Ideal for LED strip, module and so on.
4, 3 color remotes for your choice: Full white, white &black, full black

RGB Controller Features:

1: Power supply: AAA battery * 3PCS
2: Cover Material: ABS
3: Fabrication processing: Multi-colour printing & UV varnish

How to use

1. Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur
Between connecting wire before you turn on the power;
2. Adopt RF control, there are five buttons altogether, and every key-press function is as follows:
Key 1: On/off
Key 2: Light changing mode(15 modes)
Key 3: Color light/white light switching mode
Key 4: Turn up(brightness/speed)
Key 5: Turn down(brightness/speed)

3. How to use the RGB LED controller:

1). Press Key 1 to turn on/off in any state.
2). Press Key 2 to activate light changing mode, a new mode each press, 15
Modes in total.
3). Press Key 3 once to activate white light mode, changing brightness by
Pressing Key 4/Key 5. Press Key 3 twice to activate color light mode, changing
Brightness by pressing Key 4/Key 5 or changing light color by touching the
Color ring.
4). Resume function. The previous settings will be resumed while power on
5). Matching code
Press Key 4 once within 3 seconds when power on again, the light will blink 3
Times if matching is successful.
Clearing Code
Press Key 4 five times within 3 seconds when power on again, the light
Will blink 6 times if clearing is successful.

RGB controller Touch ring:

Touch ring is high sensitive touch sensor, work with finger touch

Export Markets:

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

1.ซื้อ    1       ชิ้น.      2,380                บาท
2.ซื้อ    10     ชิ้น.      2,150                บาท
3.ซื้อ  >50     ชิ้น.      1,850                บาท

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