T-100K LED Pixel Controller Model : T-100K-E

T-100K LED Pixel Controller Model : T-100K-E

T-100K LED Pixel Controller Model : T-100K-E
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T-100K LED Pixel Controller Model : T-100K-E


Suitable for LED lighting sign. To the various needs. As needed. My self-programmable. Functional design of the tube, LED-based IC LPD 6803, LPD 8806.'s (Ask for more) with the Software is recorded in SD Card with File. Led Format FAT. With a capacity of not more than 2 Gb. Free Software. the Tutorials (the manual of the seller).

1. Control with 8 channels, a channel connecting the 1024/2048 Pixel (DMX / Pixel) Work Off Line / Stand Alone.

2. 16 Control of total peripheral 131,072 Pixel by connecting via Lan.

3. Supports SD Card or Real time has passed.


1.32 -256 gray-level control software Gamma correction.
2. combined with video encoding and broadcasting by software, control rules, shaped, and other point, line, surface light.
3.8 output ports, each port 512/1024 lights, you can online, but also off-line, computer on-line can support 128 cascade T-100K controllers.
4. no need to send a card, can be directly connected to the computer network port.
the controller using the network cable between the serial cascaded without external switches.
6. the software ID code set to abandon the hardware DIP switch to manually adjust the actual installation inconvenience.

  Physical parameters:.
              Temperature: -40  -85 .
              Power Supply: AC 85V-264V.
              Power: 10W.
offline Precautions:.
copy files to SD card, you must first format the SD card, pay attention to every second copy must be formatted before.
SD card must be formatted as "FAT" format.

Controller on the SD card can not be hot-swappable, plug the SD card every time when you must disconnect power to the controller.

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3.Buy  50    Ea.     8,600               THB.

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Pixel VDO.